Keyless system

Upon entering, each visitor will receive a key fob bracelet to get into Funpark. You can use key fob also to pay for your food and drinks at Banana Café. You’ll receive your fob upon presenting a ticket you purchased (electronic or printed). 

The use of key fobs has rules:

  • You will have an amount of 1,000 CZK of spending money loaded onto  their key fob. You will then pay the actual total amount spent at the Funpark  ticket desk when leaving (cash or card). Of course, you will have an option to increase the amount of spending money during your stay. In  the case of any complaints a receipt must be provided.
  • Key fobs remain property of CENTRUM BABYLON and are only lent to you. When leaving Funpark, do not forget to return it. Visitors will be charged 1,300 CZK for the loss of their key fob.
  • Key fobs are provided to every visitor without exception  including small children. Parents may leave their children’s key fobs in  their locker for the duration of their stay, and must return it at the Funpark ticket desk upon leaving.

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